Chill Out

Out of nowhere, this new trend of joggers creeped up behind everyone and they're literally made in every type of fabric and style. Call me crazy, but has anyone ever thought about wearing those super comfortable 'upgrade of sweatpants' to lounge around in? Well just in case you're not ready to commit to a jogger (me challenging myself to eat a large pizza by myself) but you're kind of a little over the super baggy sweatpants for comfort (me not challenged enough with eating a medium pizza by myself), Truly Madly Deeply has perfected the tapered sweatpants. It's the most comfortable thing I own and I will sit on my laptop to do work for hours feeling all snuggly in my pants, but I so easily throw over my black leather jacket to run out and grab some food (yes, pizza).

TMD available at Urban Outfitters
Photographer: Alexandra Moreno

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Keep It

Have you ever owned a denim jacket? Yes, this was a rhetorical question and I'm really hoping you got that! We've all been there done that, but how often do you find denim jackets in different washes? No, that wasn't a rhetorical question. You'll see the basic dark wash denim jacket everywhere, so yea I kind of instantly become happy when I find light wash ones. I know it's not exactly spring yet, so it can be a little awkward for you to try wearing light washes as your main clothing item, but try matching it up with dark colors to give it a balance that lets people know that you understand what season you're in (this is me subliminally telling you to stay away from extra floral sun dresses matched with light wash denim jackets, I mean Phil the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter so don't you dare!)

Light Denim Blue Jacket - H&M, Striped Jersey Turtleneck - Anthropologie, Alyssa super skinny destroyed high rise jean - A&F, All Star Chuck Taylor Classic high tops - Converse.
Photographer: Tyrus Dorsey

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No Blues, Just Yellow Hues

Spring came, along with summer, and both have left again, and as humans do (and mermaids) I think we all at one point go, “HEY, I need a moment to breathe for a second.” It’s okay! It’s necessary to do as you please sometimes, or all the time. 
I’ve been getting questioned as to why I stopped using this lovely space, and the simple answer is: I needed to pick myself back up. While gone all summer, I have crossed paths with many wickedly talented and positive people who have filled me up with so much inspiration and positivity to spread around. It’s never too late to start over, and so with that being said, I decided I’m going to end this year with a very good note.
Hold your last summer (although it’s officially fall now) snow cone up high, and let’s make the best of what is left of this year. 
Let’s make it count!
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Street Style: Washington D.C.

This past weekend I was being a full on tourist in D.C. with my family! The weather was crazy hot, rainy, and sunny all at the same time, but it was still as fun and entertaining as I expected it to be. Since I’ve been there about a handful of times, and Abe Lincoln is not going to change pose for my collection of 50 other photographs of him, I decided to shine the spotlight on other tourists, just like me!
Check out these awesome dressed people.
1) Beatrice was from Mexico and touring D.C. for the first time with her lovely boyfriend in what is the latest trend of a long black maxi skirt sheering a mini skirt. By the way, Beatrice was basically the sweetest person I’ve ever met.
2) Greg was from Massachusetts, (but currently living in Denver) touring on a bike with a friend. Can we just give him a round of applause for looking comfortable and stylish at the same time? Guys, you don’t have to be a slouch to be comfortable! (Greg, you were totally AWESOME and yes, you are now officially famous.)
3) Roxanne was from fairfax and she was also probably one of the cutest best dressed ladies that day. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of ombre pieces. Also, HOW AWESOME is her name?! (not just because it’s pretty similar to mine or anything…)
4) Myself, just trying to be comfortable yet trendy in moody weather with crazy hair.

OH and yes, I gave in and photographed Mr. Lincoln again. Just in case he moved around from last time I saw him.
mermaid hugs xx


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