Fall Slow

mermaid wishing style

mermaid wishing style

mermaid wishing style

mermaid wishing style mermaid wishing style mermaid wishing style mermaid wishing style

Fall in Charlotte, NC has become a funny thing. On Thanksgiving Day, it was a full 75 degrees, which is insane. I want to wear endless layers and big coats, which is okay before 8 a.m. but around noon, everyone in this city starts doing a little awkward stripping dance trying to be accepted by the warmer days.

To fix this awkward weather dilemma, I started wearing more loose soft fabrics, and top it off with a not-too-thick coat.

Bottoms – Vintage Jones New York | Oversized Boyshirt – Madewell | Black Blazer Coat – similar here | Black Leather Boots – similar here

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Real Casual, Fureal.

evelyngreenville-8 evelyngreenville-3

denim – Vintage Calvin Kelin | white tee – Two Son | black leather mules – Gucci evelyngreenville-20 evelyngreenville-16

Worn in soft denim, a slightly oversized white tee, and Gucci mules. Not really what you were expecting? Neither was I. As I grow older, and can invest in finer quality items, I realized that I don’t have to wear finer things from head to toe. That’s the beauty of it, taking a kangaroo fur lined black leather Gucci mule, and pairing it with the basics of casualty (it could also be me trying to justify the price). A bright patterned dress over a plain tee and mules seems like something else I look forward to trying! I believe that if you can wear something on a Friday night, and a Monday morning, it is worth the investment.

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By the Sea

Don’t be surprised when I tell you this, but, I love the sea (MERMAID Wishing). There’s just something about the juxtaposition of calm neutral colors against clashing waves of power. El Matador State Beach is located perfectly off the Pacific Coast Highway a little past Malibu. We woke up at 6:30 a.m., while in LA, and drove up the coast for about an hour, before arriving to the beach. It was such a cliche movie scene, while we drove side by side to a vintage red convertible on Highway 1 as the sun was rising. It’s moments like that, that make me indescribably happy about visiting new places.

untitled-15 untitled-9

untitled-25 untitled-30 untitled-31untitled-20 

Oversized Top, used as dress – Anthropologie | Yellow Slides – Marais | Copper toned bangle – Madewell

all images by @Brollish

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Going HAM on Gingham

EvelynBlog9-1-6 EvelynBlog9-1-12 EvelynBlog9-1-3

We are all living in the “off shoulder” moment like it’s never going to go out of style, or even out of season. OH WELL! If you can’t get into gingham because it reminds you of picnics, I FEEL YOU, but since when were picnics a bad thing? Here I am playing around with my picnic patterned dress and some lemonade slides to match the theme. It’s a very summer themed look, and I know autumn is coming in exactly 21 days (who’s counting?) but it’s one of those looks that you can bring back out again and again when warmer seasons come back around.

EvelynBlog9-1-18 EvelynBlog9-1-4 EvelynBlog9-1-7

EvelynBlog9-1-14 EvelynBlog9-1-13


Gingham Dress – Storets | Yellow Slide – Marais | Bucket Bag – Mansur Gavriel EvelynBlog9-1-2

images: @brollish

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Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Evelyn8-15-2 Evelyn8-15-3

Everlane has turned the “basics” brand into a well respected modern minimal lifestyle brand. They are hinting that most of their new styles are strongly influenced by refreshing Japanese trends. I took this oversized cotton poplin Dress and wore it as a shirt over a pair of vintage Calvin Klein jeans. I’m really into the rough worn out denim look, especially the ones by 3X1, so I actually cut off the bottom parts of the jeans and distressed them a little into the not-so-basic-mom-jeans (holla @ my mom for my jeans hand me downs though).

Evelyn8-15-8 Evelyn8-15-4 Evelyn8-15-6


Oversized Cotton Shirt Dress – Everlane | Block leather sandals – vintage | Black leather bucket bag – Mansur Gavriel | Calvin Klein Jeans – thrifted | Cuff Bracelet – Madewell | Three Diamond Ring – Jennie Kwon Designs

images: @brollish


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