In Between

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Trousers – Zara | Sweatshirt – H&M | Sandals – BirkenstockIMG_3814 IMG_3815 IMG_3821

There is something I hate about the word lounge that I can’t quite explain. Maybe because it reminds me of the word lazy, one thing I will never aim to be. I’m in between what you would consider “lounge” and “business” casual with this look. I said I was going to try to mix both my professional clothes, and personal style, more than I’m used to. This past weekend was covered in clouds and rain, so nothing like feeling cozy in loose fitting trousers and an oversized basic sweatshirt, while grabbing coffee in the morning before errands. Gold is my “go-to” accessory that immediately steps up an outfit.IMG_3818 IMG_3820

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Lace, Tees, and Who What Wear

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Lace Top – Zara | Shorts – Target x Who What Wear | Shoes – Vans | Watch – Nixon | Bag – Banana Republic | Sunglasses – MadewellEvelynGreen6-22-12 EvelynGreen6-22-2 EvelynGreen6-22-8 EvelynGreen6-22-10 EvelynGreen6-22-13

I’ve always been a fan of Target collaborations, simply because they bring a great meaning to the word “accessible”. However, I’ve never been the one to go out of my way for any of retail store x designer collaborations because I don’t feel like going through the rush of dedicated designer fans (I’m looking at you Lilly x Target veterans – I saw you survive the rush with 3 carts full). So when I found out that Who What Wear was joining Target, I was kind of excited. I’ve been following Who What Wear since Nicole Richie did a hilarious episode on Candidly Nicole as a WWW employee. Who What Wear isn’t a designer, and they definitely don’t target one particular style, and that’s exactly what their Target line represents. It’s really for anyone! Their styles ranged from contemporary, to office professional, and summer hangouts with your gals leading to the ultimate effortless street style chic at ridiculously affordable price points. I picked up a few things, including these shorts that are incredibly soft!! I’ll show you more Who What Wear x Target things in the near future!

images: Branden Ollish

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Street Corporate

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Striped Blouse – Zara | True Straight Pants – GAP | Shoes – Old Skool Vans


Trying to constantly switch between your full time look and your full time style is a little exhausting after a while. I’m always torn between “can I wear this to work too?” So, I decided to collide my corporate wear with my personal style. I’m going to try and stick to my own rule of thumb, “can I wear this outside of work too?” Black dress pants aren’t just for the office anymore, well at least not with a pair of classic Vans.


images: Branden Ollish

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Dressed in Foliage

I've been lusting over Acne Studio's Jensen boots since forever now, and I finally got my hands on a pair while on my last NYC trip. Investing in pieces make it worth the money if you can make the items work for you, so hopefully I can turn these boots into multiple looks. I'll probably have a follow up post a while from now letting you guys know if it was worth the price tag. I felt very French with my detailed bow top and my hair tied back by a thousand bobby pins (it's a mystery how I can never find them when I need them, but they're always around, when I don't). Images: @brollish
Detailed White Blouse/Denim Mini Skirt : Zara | Jensen Boot : Acne Studios | Black Leather Bag : Valentino
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