Sun’s Out

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There are things that I don’t mind putting in the extra $$ for if I find their value and use to be a great deal, but then there are things that I come across in Goodwill that makes the spending even more rewarding! Both my J. Crew vintage top and vintage Levi’s are from Goodwill. I paid a total of $4.50 for both of those items, which makes it totally worth the full price purchases of Birkenstocks and Madewell’s Bandana. Now that the sun is out, trying going out to a few second hand shops to balance out your spending!

In other irrelevant news, I’m moving into this neighborhood in 11 days. YAY!

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Dress Up

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The concept of wearing a dress over denim has always been intriguing but for some reason, I never really felt comfortable pulling it off. It’s one of those things that you think looks great on others but you would probably never be confidently able to pull it off (I’m still looking at you Lady Gaga and your meat dress). So this past weekend, my lover man and myself went out of town to meet up with some pals, and I said “EFF IT” and wore a dress over jeans. It was a risky move considering I couldn’t just come home and change if I felt like it. So here are some tips I managed to keep in mind to make it work:

Keep it simple – start with a non-patterned dress or a dress of a solid color with a little bit of texture. Black is my go-to color for trying something out for the first time.

Watch the length – don’t wear too short of a dress over jeans where it ends up looking like you’re just wearing a long shirt and don’t wear a dress too long that it looks like you’re just wearing denim socks. I think the perfect length is anywhere right above the knee to right below the knee

Watch the shape – don’t wear a form fitted dress! Try sticking to things considered the “shirt-dress”.

Eyes on the shoe – actually what I meant to say is, don’t bring the eyes to the shoe. Don’t wear super high heels or anything that adds too much height to something you’re already playing with lengths to. I’d say some kitten heels, sneakers, or loafers are acceptable or even some sandals. If you want to add a tall chunky heel you might want to keep it to a simple solid color to not bring attention to too many height differences (you’re already playing with proportions).

Get jiggy with it –  aka don’t be uncomfortable or intimidated, you look rad as shit!

evelynRaleighWhiteWallRuffle Shirtdress – Banana Republic (similar in link) | Black leather handbag – Coach | shoes: Old Skool Vans | Levis – Thrifted


Images: @brollish

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IMG_7326Transportation in larger cities is a lot more different than, you can drive your car anywhere and always find parking-type-of-cities. A lot of walking was involved in NYC, as well as getting lost on the metro but whatever, so comfort was key. I decided to bring old school Vans and worn-in Levi’s on this trip, boy am I happy I did.


On the way to Egg Shop with Justin (@justinryankim), Marleigh (@marleigh.alexandra), and Branden (@brollish). If you get a chance to try out Egg Shop, you should! I ordered The Beast and it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have ever had.



beanie: j.crew | shoes: Old Skool Vans | denim: Levi’s | Oversized Overcoat: F21 |



(images: @brollish)


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Between Brick


If you follow me on any social media (especially snapchat) then you probably know what I was up to this past weekend. If you don’t know, I was in New York City for a few days. I wanted to see what this whole New York Fashion Week is all about. In case you wanted to know, it’s about freezing your butt off due to 10 degree weather with -2 degrees of wind temperatures. I’m kidding. It’s about some serious fashion as well. I met some pretty spectacular individuals, but I’ll share more later.

IMG_0366AirBnb hooked your girl up with a room that had a balcony right between all the other apartments, so these images happened. By the way, if you don’t know what AirBnb is, you should check it out! It’s this cool app where you can “rent” people’s places like a hotel room except at a fraction of the cost and the luxury of not feeling like a tourist. We’ve booked our last 3 trips through AirBnb. Use *this link* for $20 off your first trip!


Beanie: j.crew | Textured Sweater: Madewell | 501 Jeans: Levis | Collar Moto Jacket: F21 | Black booties: F21

By the way, I’m wearing 2 long sleeve shirts, tights, leggings, knee high wool socks, a heat tech scarf and gloves from Uniqlo, so don’t think I’m risking my health by only wearing what can be seen, in LITERALLY 10 degree weather.


images: @brollish

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