Wine Roasted Chicken


Wine. Wine is in this recipe, I felt like that is how I should open up this post. You’re welcome.

No but seriously, last night I made the best roasted chicken in white wine with potatoes and herbs.

You will need:

chicken – i used 4 legs 4 thighs

1 1/2 pounds of baby potatoes cut in half

1 cup of dry white wine

1 cup of chicken broth





4 cloves of garlic crushed

3 sliced lemons

Pre-heat the oven at 400 degrees

DSC_2860 DSC_2868

DSC_2893 DSC_2907

In a large baking pan, add the cut potatoes, pepper and salted chicken, sliced lemons, thyme and rosemary, and pour over the brother and wine.

DSC_2945 DSC_2961

DSC_2982 DSC_2990 DSC_3000 DSC_3008 DSC_3033

I covered it with aluminum foil and let it cook for an hour before uncovering it and cooking it for an additional 30 minutes. If you cover it first, the chicken comes out very tender.

DSC_3038 DSC_3048


Other than the part where you have to go through an hour and a half of torture in the form of a great smelling kitchen, it’s VERY easy to make and it makes you feel like you have your shit together in life.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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A Shelving Situation


How you decorate a shelf or bookcase, low-key says a lot about you. Are you a hoarder, traveler, minimal style enthusiast?

I’ve redone my bookshelves and bookcases more times than I can count, and I think I finally mastered the style of “organizational minimalist” (as I like to call it).



If you’re into the “clean/minimal” style, here are some things to keep in mind:

Don’t clutter your bookshelves – display only absolute musts. I display some thrifted unique pottery and some of my favorite books and magazines, filling in gaps with plants.

Don’t overload on color – I have a very “neutral” theme of colors throughout my home with some bright colors here and there, but overall they are spread out, not found in one location. Do the same here.


You don’t need to spend a lot of $$ to make your shelves look like they’re worth a lot. The more individual style, the more appealing they look. I found 80% (including the glassware) of these things at Goodwill.



BOOKS – If you have books you want to display, I suggest sticking to hardcover books! I have a box with all the book sleeves because most of the cover colors don’t fit into my “theme”. Make sure you spread out books evenly into different areas of your shelf. Don’t be afraid to make them un-uniformed by placing them vertical and horizontal, switching back and forth between shelves. I tend to display magazines flat b/c they’re usually longer and flimsier than books.

Plants – If you have a tall bookcase, sometimes it looks odd when it’s standing alone, so I decided to include a plant that’s at it’s height. It actually brought my whole shelf together. I seriously add plants to anything though, so this is me just feeding into my plant addiction to be honest…

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Get It Together


Every new year we make promises about how we’re going to eat healthy, save more money, be outdoors more, and pet more dogs (the last one might just be me) but I believe in making changes that would better yourself at any point in time, not just at the beginning of the year. Something I’ve learned about reaching goals is that you just can’t do it, if you’re not organized. I was the person in class that wouldn’t write down things because I’d think, “no yeah I totally will remember that” and then would cram it in last minute simply because I would forget about it. There was no organization to it. Needless to say, I learned the hard way that organization is the key to success (adding this to DJ Khaled’s lessons). So I’m letting you in on my organization methods, maybe it’ll help you out too.


I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing things, so the more pleasantly looking something is, the more I’ll want to use it. This leads to finding a planner that you’ll use. I became an adult the minute I invested in a good monthly, weekly, and daily planner with pages for notes. It was like I had stepped into adulthood. This planner is from Sugar Paper Los Angeles, which you can now find at Target!

Here’s how I use it:

Have a payment due on a specific day every month? Go ahead and input that into the monthly calendar. I’ve put in my “Rent” category, up until the end of my lease, cell phone, student loans, up until the end of the year, and so forth. These are the things that are more permanent and long-term which you can’t really change or move around.

Once you’ve arranged your yearly plans, break into months. So only write in on the monthly page of the month you’re in. Don’t go writing in, in pen, something that you’re “kind of” wanting to do 10 months from now, unless of course it is a goal. For example, I’m not going to write in Yoga Class on December 12th 2016. Let’s be honest, I will probably not be into fitness by the end of the year… (whoops). I will however write in my NYC trip that I planned on taking in February for Fashion Week, because that’s just not going to change, everything is booked.

After you’ve established your month’s goals/dates, break it into weeks.

This where I write most of my things. I don’t take up too much space in my monthly calendar. I only open my monthly calendar to take a quick glance of what high importance things are happening that month. It’s my week section where things get real.

I have certain weekly work goals I set for myself and I write those in. I have about 8 meetings a week, so I definitely write those into the weekly calendar sections of planners. If I have to get groceries on Saturday morning, I will write that in. If i have a blog post coming out on Monday and another on Wednesday I will write that in. This helps me keep track of my progress because I cross off each thing I’ve done.


Lastly, but definitely the most important, I make sure not to give myself an overwhelming amount of tasks in a single day. In the past, I wasn’t accomplishing many of my daily goals because I simply would be overwhelmed with my lists and would just quit before even starting. Don’t do that to yourself! I’ve learned that smaller lists are better and more realistic when it comes to accomplishing things. If you’re packed for Monday and have absolutely nothing scheduled for Thursday, split your Monday into 2 days and sanely complete two small task lists, rather than one overwhelming list.

I’m not a professional planner, but I have learned that the more organized I get, the more I accomplish.

Hopefully, this can help you plan out whatever you want to accomplish this year!

Good luck!


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Make Some Room


My style has evolved so much within the last 5 years, and I’m just now feeling like an “adult” with my interior style choices. Lets take things back a bit. In 2010, I had a bright yellow room with magazine cutouts taking over a whole wall, a fuchsia cushion mirror hanging from my closet door, a floral bedspread, and lastly but definitely not least, a hot pink faux fur rug that I had to beg my mom to get me. Clearly living life with no regrets here…

In my first apartment as an adult and a struggling fashion student in a new city, I was very financially limited, so i did a lot of upcycling. It might seem like a really good idea, which it was temporarily, except that I undecidedly had stepped into the shabby chic territory. Most of my furniture was sanded down, and painted white. Eventually, it looked like my bedroom had taken a day off from a “Cottage Decor DIY” magazine.

Now as an adult in the city (3 apartments in the making), I’ve been able to educate myself about different artists who make incredible pieces for your home. George Nelson is a genius (my hot pink rug self would be like “wtf who dat”). Although I am still not in a position to bring home a George Nelson Thin Edge Dresser for Herman Miller, I have found that I favor the mid-century and neutral-minimal styles over everything else.

I now don’t purchase Goodwill furniture on impulse. I fall in love with a specific artist’s way of designing a piece of furniture (whether it’d be shape, color, texture, etc.) and then I search Goodwill/ValueVillage/SalvationArmy/CraigsList until I have something similar. It’s actually saved me lots of money by sticking to things I need, instead of collection random junk that I think I might use in the future.

Things I don’t find at second hand shops, I usually find the similar next big thing at Ikea, Anthropologie, Target, Walmart, or Overstock.

My advice to you is to have fun with your style, don’t invest in trends (*looks at pink fur rug*) and create an Interior board on Pinterest. Good luck!


Magazines: Kinfolk | Milk glass bowl: Goodwill; I use it to hold my watches | Gold Mini Goblet with Lid: Goodwill; used for stud earrings | Gold Stone Fruit Planter designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams: Need Supply


By the way, I still do a LOT of DIY’s, just a lot less shabby.

Painting by me, Agave print by @brollish | frames by IKEA | Candles: NaNin, Malin+Goetz Otto New York, Voluspa Anthropologie


Dresser: IKEA | Knobs: Anthropologie | Mirror: IKEA | Case Study Ceramic Pot: Modernica (this pot has been on my Wishlist for some time now and my lovely man surprisingly crossed it off for me for Christmas *cheers*)

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Sparkle Thirst



Friendsgiving is coming up, along with other holidays giving you the “okay” to eat more than your weight. How about you drink your weight too? Just kidding. Don’t take this as a challenge, but it’s not so much of a challenge to make sangria.

I seem to always come back to this recipe because of how simple it is, yet yummy!

You will need:

1 thinly sliced orange

1 thinly sliced grapefruit

1 thinly sliced lemon

2 cups of cut strawberries

1 cup of blue berries

1 cup of raspberries

1 cup of orange juice

1 750 ml bottle of sweet wine. I prefer white Riesling.

1 750 ml bottle of champagne.




In a large punch bowl, mix in all the fruits along with the bottle of wine. I usually let it sit in the fridge at least 3 hours prior to expecting guests. DO NOT pour the champagne until you’re about to serve. Otherwise, the champagne will be more like chamPAIN.



Finally, serve and enjoy… and don’t drive if you’re enjoying it a little too much.

Okay you’re basically prepared for the holidays now!

You’re welcome.

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