Color Me Happy


It’s not even the middle of the year, and it’s already been one hell of a ride for me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this productive and busy working. As daily struggles and stress still show up here and there, I look back at times I’ve had to myself to just enjoy the view and remind myself that it’s totally worth it.

Being in Mexico meant being in the land of no phone service which meant no work, no deadlines to meet, and only face to face interaction with others and nature. A lot of strolls were taken and it was overwhelming to see all the small little details I missed when I was younger. I had been here to visit my grandparents at least 20 times and I never noticed all the colors and the people as much as I did this last time. I think part of that has to do with growing up and having different priorities now.

I know that not all of us can just drop everything and go to a whole other country any time we want to, to achieve complete electronic solitude, but maybe it’s something we can duplicate into our own lifestyles.

Maybe we can find little details around us that we’ve overlooked or make some “ME” time where we’re not constantly checking in on┬ásomething else.




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Fall with Open Arms


The struggle, of trying to take things in the middle of Fall without seeming to cliche, is real. This weekend I hit the road back to Galax, Virginia (my sort-of-not-really home town) and we made a quick stop at the Blue Ridge Parkway. To me it seems like just another sight, since I’ve seen it so many times, but to the cars going 5 miles per hour with their camera phones out the window, it’s a beautiful sight capturing the true essence of Fall.

I had to take a step back and realize how lucky I was to spend my teen years in this area. If you ever drive through VA from NC, make sure you take the scenic route, it’s worth it!


Back Pack: Everlane | Jeans: Madewell | Booties: F21

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Outings with Everlane

The Twill Backpack by Everlane made me rethink all my previous backpack choices. I usually have a lot to carry around, due to having my work with me at all times, and this backpack has the right amount of space. I carry my laptop (it has a cushioned thick laptop pocket), laptop charger, agenda, phone charger, camera, camera lenses, notepad, sketchbook, water, wallet, and writing utensils with me at all times. Before getting my backpack, I usually carried around a purse and then a big tote. It was kind of a hassle at times since I go back and forth to different places throughout any given day.
This backpack with leather details comes in bone, navy, grey, and reverse denim color choices. I'm still waiting for the black color choice to be available but I am obsessed with my bone colored Twill Backpack for the time being.

You can check them out at

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Winter Survival

If you think I'm one of those people who is super adventurous and up for outings on cold snow days then you should know that you're absolutely wrong! Heck no. I'm more of the type of person that needs to be dug out of a hundred tons of blankets when winter is over with. You think I'm joking, I'm not joking. I got this coat from forever21 during Fall and it was never cold enough to wear before this week, considering it was actually almost 70 degrees last week here in Charlotte. I normally don't shop from forever21, but I have to say, I'm really impressed with them trying to step up the quality of some of their items.

Classic car coat - Forever21 / Boucle boatneck sweater - Gap / Super skinny jeans - HCO / Rosegold watch - Fossil
Photographer: Tyrus Doresy
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Friendly Film

Sometimes we accidentally meet people who end up becoming very important to us, and sometimes we loose people who have been there for quite some time. Gaining one doesn't ease up the loss of the other, that's for sure, but I think it does help you understand the importance of a genuine friendship.
Find friends who value you and become strong supporters of your goals and dreams. Find friends that will call you up and say "hey, we're going camping this weekend okay?" Find friends who understand that sometimes you hate everything and you just want to roll up into a ball and avoid life, and that they will be there to help you through your worst times. Find friends that will give you their honest opinion about yourself and that will push you to try harder. Find friends that will also just watch Netflix and do nothing with you all day when you've pushed yourself too hard. Most importantly, make sure you're just as great of a friend to find.
I've done a lot of growing up since last year and I think the hardest part of it was realizing what genuine friendships are. It's not easy, trust me, but absolutely necessary. I decided to try and become a better friend and contain all the characteristics of a supportive person I'd like to, myself, have as a friend.

All film photographs by my loveliest of friends, Peter Ahn at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.

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