Outings with Everlane

The Twill Backpack by Everlane made me rethink all my previous backpack choices. I usually have a lot to carry around, due to having my work with me at all times, and this backpack has the right amount of space. I carry my laptop (it has a cushioned thick laptop pocket), laptop charger, agenda, phone charger, camera, camera lenses, notepad, sketchbook, water, wallet, and writing utensils with me at all times. Before getting my backpack, I usually carried around a purse and then a big tote. It was kind of a hassle at times since I go back and forth to different places throughout any given day.
This backpack with leather details comes in bone, navy, grey, and reverse denim color choices. I'm still waiting for the black color choice to be available but I am obsessed with my bone colored Twill Backpack for the time being.

You can check them out at Everlane.com.

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Into the Wild

Virginia is such a beautiful state. In my opinion, it’s a very underrated place. This was from my trip back in November to Cascade Falls VA in Giles county, not too far from Blacksburg. I learned quite a few things from this trip. The first and more important one was that Converse are NOT hiking boots no matter what I tell myself. The second learned lesson is that if you’re going to go hiking with a lad who hiked all over Europe for weeks, it’s best to not walk behind him because he will leave you behind when you slip down rocks and he doesn’t even notice.

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Mighty Miss Sunshine

These days, it’s a challenge to stay centered and true to yourself. With all the ruckus in the world, the injustices happening that you want to strongly be a part of for change, personal struggles, and unattainable appearance goals set by the media, life can get a little confusing. From personal experience, I know it can get tough to remember all the good things that the world has to offer, and I think it’s up to us to find a functional balance between all such things. I’m not an expert on ‘How to Be Happy’ but I’ve learned a few things recently that have helped me with daily struggles, so why not share it with you as well?
Surround yourself with positive people who want you to reach your maximum potential, and my personal favorite, explore every corner around you. Those are the things that have been helping me appreciate everyone and everything. Pick a pal, get in a car, get lost in back roads, pull over in abandoned areas, and take it all in. Keep in mind that this is the world around you, and it’s not all that bad. The more you get out and explore, the more unique faces and places you’ll be coming across, making it exciting for the next adventure to come around.
Stay patient. Life is good, and you’ll see that there’s plenty proof of that. Now, go be a mighty explorer.
flannel – F21 | black skinnies – Abercrombie & Fitch | tall leather riding boots – Belk | gold knot bangle – Kate Spade

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Destination: Newport News, Virginia

Somewhere along the way, spring weather got lost and a light winter decided to still hang around like it has nothing better to do. Want to know a secret about cold weather? Well I’ll tell you anyways, it sends people running away from beaches making them serene places to go discover, just make sure you bring a coat!
We found a secret little hidden spot next to Lion’s Gate bridge, close by the Christopher Newport University campus, and I am so glad we did. 
Although the water was unbearably cold to swim in and I didn’t feel the need to reenact a scene from Titanic, but I must say that I do a good freezing to death Rose impression, it was very lovely to simply bird watch and find mermaid treasures in such a deserted area.
Don’t let the everlasting winter weather stop you from exploring, just change your perspective and you’ll see that nature has a lot of beauty to offer.
P.S. Thanks to every kind person in Newport News that made the trip enjoyable but I especially want to give a huge thanks to my bird friend (pictured about) for coming super close to me and posing like the diva that it is.

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Destination: Galax, Virginia

We sometimes overlook the small places we surround ourselves with, because we’re too busy wanting more. There is a tiny, I mean TINY, town in the beautiful southwestern Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains that has a heart bigger than any city I’ve ever been to, and trust me, I’ve seen my share of large cities across the country. I proudly call Galax, Virginia my second home, and appreciate all the kindness from everyone in this town. 

If you’re ever driving through, you should stop by for breakfast at The Diner or have some of the best tasting pizza at RJ’s Pizza. If you want beautiful vintage and affordable furniture, you must go to my favorite thrift shop: Carol’s Consignments. It’s owned by the friendliest couple on earth and I literally visit about twice when I’m in town (I’m not joking, they really see me two times in one weekend).

(above pictures are from Carol’s Consignments)
(tea cup section at A Place In Time)
(main street alleys)

(Jones Nursery)
Don’t ever stop exploring your surroundings, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS support local shops.
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