Color Me Happy


It’s not even the middle of the year, and it’s already been one hell of a ride for me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this productive and busy working. As daily struggles and stress still show up here and there, I look back at times I’ve had to myself to just enjoy the view and remind myself that it’s totally worth it.

Being in Mexico meant being in the land of no phone service which meant no work, no deadlines to meet, and only face to face interaction with others and nature. A lot of strolls were taken and it was overwhelming to see all the small little details I missed when I was younger. I had been here to visit my grandparents at least 20 times and I never noticed all the colors and the people as much as I did this last time. I think part of that has to do with growing up and having different priorities now.

I know that not all of us can just drop everything and go to a whole other country any time we want to, to achieve complete electronic solitude, but maybe it’s something we can duplicate into our own lifestyles.

Maybe we can find little details around us that we’ve overlooked or make some “ME” time where we’re not constantly checking in on something else.




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A Shelving Situation


How you decorate a shelf or bookcase, low-key says a lot about you. Are you a hoarder, traveler, minimal style enthusiast?

I’ve redone my bookshelves and bookcases more times than I can count, and I think I finally mastered the style of “organizational minimalist” (as I like to call it).



If you’re into the “clean/minimal” style, here are some things to keep in mind:

Don’t clutter your bookshelves – display only absolute musts. I display some thrifted unique pottery and some of my favorite books and magazines, filling in gaps with plants.

Don’t overload on color – I have a very “neutral” theme of colors throughout my home with some bright colors here and there, but overall they are spread out, not found in one location. Do the same here.


You don’t need to spend a lot of $$ to make your shelves look like they’re worth a lot. The more individual style, the more appealing they look. I found 80% (including the glassware) of these things at Goodwill.



BOOKS – If you have books you want to display, I suggest sticking to hardcover books! I have a box with all the book sleeves because most of the cover colors don’t fit into my “theme”. Make sure you spread out books evenly into different areas of your shelf. Don’t be afraid to make them un-uniformed by placing them vertical and horizontal, switching back and forth between shelves. I tend to display magazines flat b/c they’re usually longer and flimsier than books.

Plants – If you have a tall bookcase, sometimes it looks odd when it’s standing alone, so I decided to include a plant that’s at it’s height. It actually brought my whole shelf together. I seriously add plants to anything though, so this is me just feeding into my plant addiction to be honest…

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Make Some Room


My style has evolved so much within the last 5 years, and I’m just now feeling like an “adult” with my interior style choices. Lets take things back a bit. In 2010, I had a bright yellow room with magazine cutouts taking over a whole wall, a fuchsia cushion mirror hanging from my closet door, a floral bedspread, and lastly but definitely not least, a hot pink faux fur rug that I had to beg my mom to get me. Clearly living life with no regrets here…

In my first apartment as an adult and a struggling fashion student in a new city, I was very financially limited, so i did a lot of upcycling. It might seem like a really good idea, which it was temporarily, except that I undecidedly had stepped into the shabby chic territory. Most of my furniture was sanded down, and painted white. Eventually, it looked like my bedroom had taken a day off from a “Cottage Decor DIY” magazine.

Now as an adult in the city (3 apartments in the making), I’ve been able to educate myself about different artists who make incredible pieces for your home. George Nelson is a genius (my hot pink rug self would be like “wtf who dat”). Although I am still not in a position to bring home a George Nelson Thin Edge Dresser for Herman Miller, I have found that I favor the mid-century and neutral-minimal styles over everything else.

I now don’t purchase Goodwill furniture on impulse. I fall in love with a specific artist’s way of designing a piece of furniture (whether it’d be shape, color, texture, etc.) and then I search Goodwill/ValueVillage/SalvationArmy/CraigsList until I have something similar. It’s actually saved me lots of money by sticking to things I need, instead of collection random junk that I think I might use in the future.

Things I don’t find at second hand shops, I usually find the similar next big thing at Ikea, Anthropologie, Target, Walmart, or Overstock.

My advice to you is to have fun with your style, don’t invest in trends (*looks at pink fur rug*) and create an Interior board on Pinterest. Good luck!


Magazines: Kinfolk | Milk glass bowl: Goodwill; I use it to hold my watches | Gold Mini Goblet with Lid: Goodwill; used for stud earrings | Gold Stone Fruit Planter designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams: Need Supply


By the way, I still do a LOT of DIY’s, just a lot less shabby.

Painting by me, Agave print by @brollish | frames by IKEA | Candles: NaNin, Malin+Goetz Otto New York, Voluspa Anthropologie


Dresser: IKEA | Knobs: Anthropologie | Mirror: IKEA | Case Study Ceramic Pot: Modernica (this pot has been on my Wishlist for some time now and my lovely man surprisingly crossed it off for me for Christmas *cheers*)

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Shades of Pink



Pink is such a tricky color, especially for it to be a fall/winter item. I’ve always wanted to try out looks with a pastel pink long overcoat, and Banana Republic released exactly that this season. I probably won’t be dressing this up in the “preppy” color scheme look that they’re aiming for, but that’s the whole fun of clothes, finding your own style in pieces that you never thought you could.IMG_9463IMG_9461

Pink Double-Breasted Coat – Banana Republic

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