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Striped Blouse – Zara | True Straight Pants – GAP | Shoes – Old Skool Vans


Trying to constantly switch between your full time look and your full time style is a little exhausting after a while. I’m always torn between “can I wear this to work too?” So, I decided to collide my corporate wear with my personal style. I’m going to try and stick to my own rule of thumb, “can I wear this outside of work too?” Black dress pants aren’t just for the office anymore, well at least not with a pair of classic Vans.


images: Branden Ollish

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Dressed in Foliage

I've been lusting over Acne Studio's Jensen boots since forever now, and I finally got my hands on a pair while on my last NYC trip. Investing in pieces make it worth the money if you can make the items work for you, so hopefully I can turn these boots into multiple looks. I'll probably have a follow up post a while from now letting you guys know if it was worth the price tag. I felt very French with my detailed bow top and my hair tied back by a thousand bobby pins (it's a mystery how I can never find them when I need them, but they're always around, when I don't). Images: @brollish
Detailed White Blouse/Denim Mini Skirt : Zara | Jensen Boot : Acne Studios | Black Leather Bag : Valentino
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Sweet and Simple




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Black Suede Strap Heel – Urban Outfitters (similar here) | Short Sleeve T – American Apparel | Levis – Vintage | Moto Jacket – Banana Republic | Indio Sunglasses – Madewell | Black Leather hardback – Coach


This past week has been a whirlwind, from moving to a house to reducing my closet size. I realized it’s more important to keep the basics and spin them off as I can. I will no longer have a huge walk-in closet, thanks to my 3rd story apartment, but I decided it’s worth the trade for a house with a backyard in the city.

Pairing a chunky back strap heel with the basic “blue jeans, white shirt (*insert the rest of the Blue Jeans Lana Del Rey lyrics here*) combo is just one of the ways you can spin off a basic.

Also, I cut my hair off!

Images by Branden Ollish



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Sun’s Out

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There are things that I don’t mind putting in the extra $$ for if I find their value and use to be a great deal, but then there are things that I come across in Goodwill that makes the spending even more rewarding! Both my J. Crew vintage top and vintage Levi’s are from Goodwill. I paid a total of $4.50 for both of those items, which makes it totally worth the full price purchases of Birkenstocks and Madewell’s Bandana. Now that the sun is out, trying going out to a few second hand shops to balance out your spending!

In other irrelevant news, I’m moving into this neighborhood in 11 days. YAY!

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