Real Casual, Fureal.

evelyngreenville-8 evelyngreenville-3

denim – Vintage Calvin Kelin | white tee – Two Son | black leather mules – Gucci evelyngreenville-20 evelyngreenville-16

Worn in soft denim, a slightly oversized white tee, and Gucci mules. Not really what you were expecting? Neither was I. As I grow older, and can invest in finer quality items, I realized that I don’t have to wear finer things from head to toe. That’s the beauty of it, taking a kangaroo fur lined black leather Gucci mule, and pairing it with the basics of casualty (it could also be me trying to justify the price). A bright patterned dress over a plain tee and mules seems like something else I look forward to trying! I believe that if you can wear something on a Friday night, and a Monday morning, it is worth the investment.


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