Taking on Charleston

mermaid wishing Charleston trip
A couple weeks ago, I took a weekend getaway trip with Branden to Charleston. It seemed kind of odd at first, to travel in the cold December to a "summer getaway" location. After seeing how isolated and solemnly grey everything was, it gave our trip a relaxing stay-in-cation at the most beautiful contemporary inn we've ever stayed at. We first stayed at the Inn at Middleton Place the summer of 2015, so it was great seeing it in a whole new misty relaxing perspective. Although our room had the most relaxing aesthetic, we did hit up a busier downtown for dinner at Coast, then again for biscuits at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit in the morning, Sugar for holiday cookies, and Revelator Coffee Company for afternoon tea and coffee. The Inn at Middleton Place is packed with things to do, so we covered the grounds, hung out with the horses, and explored the gardens during the day. Charleston during the winter becomes a slow moving city, and I am so glad we traveled during that time because 2016 has me exhausted right about now. As sophisticated as this all sounds, I must admit that we did stop at KFC to pick up a bucket of chicken, got into PJs in our fireplace set room, and watched crime drama TV shows until we fell asleep the first night... my adulting is a ride of highs and lows. What can I say?


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