Not All Girls Wear Pink

My youngest model, Mia (who will be turning 3 in August), breaks the common known boundaries of clothing. Pink is an overused “girly” color that labels a child as a “female” but Mia is wise beyond her years and will choose what colors fit her personality instead of her gender. This young California native, was in complete awe of all the nature found in the South, so she did what any normal 2 year old girl would do, grabbed her Vans and demanded to be taken out on discovering adventures.
(Mia picking purple daffodils in Vans – shimmering black,  folded up Gap – Bermuda denim shorts, and extra comfy Carter’s – polka dot tee.)
There is almost nothing more Mia loves to do than to give her lovely mother flowers.
Do you let gender roles rule your wardrobe?


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