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Have you ever owned a denim jacket? Yes, this was a rhetorical question and I'm really hoping you got that! We've all been there done that, but how often do you find denim jackets in different washes? No, that wasn't a rhetorical question. You'll see the basic dark wash denim jacket everywhere, so yea I kind of instantly become happy when I find light wash ones. I know it's not exactly spring yet, so it can be a little awkward for you to try wearing light washes as your main clothing item, but try matching it up with dark colors to give it a balance that lets people know that you understand what season you're in (this is me subliminally telling you to stay away from extra floral sun dresses matched with light wash denim jackets, I mean Phil the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter so don't you dare!)

Light Denim Blue Jacket - H&M, Striped Jersey Turtleneck - Anthropologie, Alyssa super skinny destroyed high rise jean - A&F, All Star Chuck Taylor Classic high tops - Converse.
Photographer: Tyrus Dorsey


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