Destination: Galax, Virginia

We sometimes overlook the small places we surround ourselves with, because we’re too busy wanting more. There is a tiny, I mean TINY, town in the beautiful southwestern Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains that has a heart bigger than any city I’ve ever been to, and trust me, I’ve seen my share of large cities across the country. I proudly call Galax, Virginia my second home, and appreciate all the kindness from everyone in this town. 

If you’re ever driving through, you should stop by for breakfast at The Diner or have some of the best tasting pizza at RJ’s Pizza. If you want beautiful vintage and affordable furniture, you must go to my favorite thrift shop: Carol’s Consignments. It’s owned by the friendliest couple on earth and I literally visit about twice when I’m in town (I’m not joking, they really see me two times in one weekend).

(above pictures are from Carol’s Consignments)
(tea cup section at A Place In Time)
(main street alleys)

(Jones Nursery)
Don’t ever stop exploring your surroundings, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS support local shops.


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