Mighty Miss Sunshine

These days, it’s a challenge to stay centered and true to yourself. With all the ruckus in the world, the injustices happening that you want to strongly be a part of for change, personal struggles, and unattainable appearance goals set by the media, life can get a little confusing. From personal experience, I know it can get tough to remember all the good things that the world has to offer, and I think it’s up to us to find a functional balance between all such things. I’m not an expert on ‘How to Be Happy’ but I’ve learned a few things recently that have helped me with daily struggles, so why not share it with you as well?
Surround yourself with positive people who want you to reach your maximum potential, and my personal favorite, explore every corner around you. Those are the things that have been helping me appreciate everyone and everything. Pick a pal, get in a car, get lost in back roads, pull over in abandoned areas, and take it all in. Keep in mind that this is the world around you, and it’s not all that bad. The more you get out and explore, the more unique faces and places you’ll be coming across, making it exciting for the next adventure to come around.
Stay patient. Life is good, and you’ll see that there’s plenty proof of that. Now, go be a mighty explorer.
flannel – F21 | black skinnies – Abercrombie & Fitch | tall leather riding boots – Belk | gold knot bangle – Kate Spade


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