DIY: Pulitzer into Pillows

You know what sucks about thrifting? Finding really great stuff that isn’t your size! For example, I found this really awesome Lilly Pulitzer skirt that was incredibly too large, but being the big bargainer that I am, I was not about to say no to a $4 dollar designer skirt. Okay but my bargaining decision wasn’t such a bad idea since I turned that large skirt into a couple pillows and was even left over with some fabric for other small projects.

The first thing I did was take apart the seams and okay Lilly, you kinda make killer garments with that fancy stitching of yours (my fingers didn’t fancy you much after that, but customers should feel relieved knowing it’s top quality). After all the stitching is taken apart, I figured out the measurements of what I wanted my pillow to be like. I did a basic 14″x14″ pillow since I get those easily at Ikea and can find some to mix and match with in the future. I cut 15″x15″ squares, gave myself an extra inch to take in, and hand sewed the pieces together. Yea, how lame is it that I’ve hand sewed everything since I was 7 instead of just using a sewing machine like everyone else? I guess there’s something relaxing about it and my 7 year old self with killer Barbie dresses, made out of mom’s “mysteriously missing from the dryer” socks, never complained. Might as well not change what works best for me. Since your garment will probably not be anything like mine, I can’t really give you a step by step guide on how to make your fabric into pillows. However, next time you see something that’s a “MUST HAVE” but isn’t your size, (especially with a great pattern) don’t pass up on it, you might be able to do something else with it.

mermaid hugs xx

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Music Monday Spotlight: Willow Beats

Willow Beats released their first album, Alchemy, this past May and why on earth I’m just now discovering their dark, chill-wave music is beyond me. Willow Beats is made up of two of the coolest Melbournians out there, Narayana Johnson and Kalyani Mumtaz. If there unique names don’t suggest they’re worth a listen to, then I don’t know what does. You can listen to their full album HERE. In my opinion, Blue is worth a non-stop repeat setting, but hey don’t just take my word for it.

mermaid hugs xx
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Fashion Friday: Lorde’s Royal Zambesi Treatment

(Lorde in Zambesi for her Tennis Court music video; photo by James Lowe)

Lorde didn’t just bring light to shine upon her talented voice, but also towards her impecable style. My wardrobe choices from when I was 17 are put to shame by Lorde stepping out in Zambesi. Zambesi was founded in New Zealand by Elizabeth and Neville Findlay in 1979, and I’m a little emberassed to say it’s taken me this long to discover such an evolutionary fashion line.

(Zambesi’s S/S 2013-14 campaign)

Sophisticated dark beauty, borderline grunge, is reached by two incredibly talented designers; Elisabeth Findlay (womenswear) and Dayne Johnston (menswear). I’m glad Lorde has become fond of Zambesi as much as I have because they make such a perfect combination. You can checkout their SS 13/14 collection inspired by a sense of freedom here.

(Lorde’s VNZMAS performance in Zambesi; photo by Jason Hailes)

Once again, thank you New Zealand for gifting the world with great taste in music and fashion.
mermaid hugs xx
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Happy Birthday Queen K!

(photo by Terry Richardson)

The British beauty that has altered the game in fashion and one of the most controversial yet well respected models, Kate Moss, celebrates her big 40 today! I think we can all agree on the fact that she looks as beautiful now, as she did when she first appeared on the cover of a magazine at only the age of 15. It caught Calvin Klein’s attention and as we all know, the rest is history (no really, she’s still making history).
My favorite moment of all time was when Alexander McQueen made Kate a hologram inside a glass pyramid at the end of his F/W 2006 Paris show, in the middle of Moss’s drug scandal. Talk about not letting negative things phase you. Let’s not forgot about how in 2007 she designed a collection for Topshop and it sold out on the first day. She will now have her 15th collection coming out this April.
Since it’s Thursday, let’s throw it back:

(yes Alexander McQueen, we all do)

“Never complain. Never explain.”  -Kate Moss
mermaid hugs xx

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Starting Over Under Mexico’s Sun Rays

New Year, new you, right? Or at least that’s what almost every other gift card seems to be saying nowadays. I was blessed to ring in another year in Mexico’s lovely heat, and it might be all the tequila or tacos talking, but there were a lot of lessons to be learned. Instead of boring you with all the billion wonderful details of my trip, I’ll just list a few lessons that I’ve learned in hopes to be saving you some time on committing errors yourself.

  • Start appreciating every single person in your family. You’ll realize that lovely friends come and go, but your family (whether they like it or not) is forced to stay by your side. Believe it or not, they have your back and are dying to stick up for you.
  • Learn to forgive. Although that might be one of the toughest things to do, we’re all going to face it once in our life. The sooner you learn to genuinely forgive humanly inevitable mistakes, the sooner you’re going to start enjoying every aspect of life.
  • Food is good for the soul. Stop ordering the same meal, at that same restaurant you go to every other weekend. Try new food! Eat something great, eat something unspeakable of, and secretly hate me for making you eat that disgusting orange looking thing on the bottom of the menu. Who cares? That’s just a small step into accepting different things from different cultures. Start by learning the tastes of different foods, although pizza does always seem like a good idea! (No, I am not sponsored by Pizza Hut… yet.)
  • GIVE. GIVE. GIVE. Give your grandparents more than one hug after not seeing them for a few months. Give the waitress an extra dollar because you know it must suck to have rude people as customers. Give that single parent you see struggling to maintain their kids in order at a grocery store, a high five, because they probably forgot what the word “encouragement” means. Give that person your honest opinion about how you believe their love for you is the greatest thing you’ve ever known (Greater than Star Wars Episode VI). Take your time to give around positive pieces of yourself because we’re all struggling, in some way or another, to keep good vibes.
  • Never stop exploring. Dr. Seuss was mighty brilliant to have written “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”and have it aimed as a children’s book.  It still lingers in my brain years after I first read it. Whatever you do, don’t live a conformed life. Travel, meet corners with bright colors, stare at psychotic looking plants, dream on uncomfortable foreign beds hoping and praying that a scorpion doesn’t decide to crawl up while you’re off in wonderland, and when exploring MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULLY CHARGED CAMERA AND BUG REPELLANT! 
That’s my advice and small input on life for now, but I can’t just say all that and NOT share the beauty Mexico (once again) shared to help inspire all that, right? Especially since I explored a hidden beach on the beautiful Marietta Island in Nayarit.

After all that being said, I’d like to thank everyone reading this for giving me a good start to what feels like will be the perfect year. It’s incredible to have met so many lovely people who find my hobbies and passions enjoyable. Also, thanks Tumblr for featuring my cactus pictures on your popular page, and the Visual Supply Company for featuring me on their grid website. Now let’s make this year count!

mermaid hugs xx

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