Leave it Red

Not too long ago, Frankie decided to go online. (Do you know how long I have waited for this???) For those of us not living in NYC, we were missing out on the goodies Frankie had to offer, and so as soon as I heard they went online, they also went on my Christmas wishlist. Thankfully, I got this Rarely tee! Rarely is known for their graphic tees with a pop of retro red in high quality cotton, and they were not kidding about high quality cotton. Rarely shirts come in one size, a size that fits very large on me. Rather than fighting it, I decided to embrace it and pair it with oversized sporty trousers from Mango and some classic Vans.

Tee – Rarely (similar here or here) | Straight Cut Trousers – Mango | Shoes – Vans | Denim Jacket – Madewell (similar here) | Fishnet Socks – ASOS

images – Branden

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Taking on Charleston

mermaid wishing Charleston trip
A couple weeks ago, I took a weekend getaway trip with Branden to Charleston. It seemed kind of odd at first, to travel in the cold December to a "summer getaway" location. After seeing how isolated and solemnly grey everything was, it gave our trip a relaxing stay-in-cation at the most beautiful contemporary inn we've ever stayed at. We first stayed at the Inn at Middleton Place the summer of 2015, so it was great seeing it in a whole new misty relaxing perspective. Although our room had the most relaxing aesthetic, we did hit up a busier downtown for dinner at Coast, then again for biscuits at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit in the morning, Sugar for holiday cookies, and Revelator Coffee Company for afternoon tea and coffee. The Inn at Middleton Place is packed with things to do, so we covered the grounds, hung out with the horses, and explored the gardens during the day. Charleston during the winter becomes a slow moving city, and I am so glad we traveled during that time because 2016 has me exhausted right about now. As sophisticated as this all sounds, I must admit that we did stop at KFC to pick up a bucket of chicken, got into PJs in our fireplace set room, and watched crime drama TV shows until we fell asleep the first night... my adulting is a ride of highs and lows. What can I say?
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In Jean and Green

mermaid wishing oak & fort mermaid wishing acne studiosmermaid wishingmermaid wishing

I’ve worn more jeans this year, than any other year before, and I am okay with that. I have found denim to be my “go-to” because of how effortlessly chic it can get. My jacket was actually on my very first wishlist I made for Mermaid Wishing, so as you can see, I’ve been getting some use out of it!

Bottoms – Vintage Levis Jeans | Oversized bomber jacket – Oak and Fort (similar here) | Chelsea boot – Acne Studios | Tee – Two Son Vintage Tee | Vintage bag | Vintage Scarf from American Rag

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Caring for my Skin

mermaid wishing clinique glossier mermaid wishing clinique glossier

Skin, oh the ever ending stressful moments I’ve had with you. Growing up, I had pretty great skin. I rarely had any breakouts. I remember being a junior in high school and having a classmate ask me what I used to wash my face. This was before the big trend on skin care came around, and there were no vloggers giving you product reviews. With that being said, I confusedly answered “uh Dove soap when I shower.” I was so naive. Senior year in high school was okay towards my skin. A few blemishes here and there, nothing too serious.

Then, adulthood happened. College tore me apart (aside from student loans). Living off of ramen, staying up until 4 a.m., stressing about school, adulting, and crying REALLY took a toll on my skin. It’s like somehow my skin was against me. It wasn’t a beautiful transformation like you see on videos. NO. It wasn’t “hey I tried this product for 3 weeks and my face looks as flawless as a baby’s butt.” It was more like “HAHAHA I HATE MY SKIN MORE PLS STOP PLS SEND HELP ASDFGHJKL!!” The more I stressed, the more my skin hated me. After 2 years of trying literally everything (Neutrogena, Dermatologist prescribed pills and lotions, Proactive, Clean & Clear, oils, soaps, lotions, prayers, star dust, lots and lots of crying) I randomly came across the 3 step system by Clinique. I had read a ton of positive reviews online, from people of all ages, which I’ve learnt is a good thing. I’ve been using the 3 steps for almost 2 years now. Things got even better when Glossier decided to exist, making my skin the happiest and healthiest I have seen it in a while with the combination of the two brands.

So here we go, the products I use and when I use them. Hopefully it can help someone else that has struggled with breakouts, scars, dry but oily on T zone, and dark spots.

glossier mermaid wishing

From Glossier, I use:

Milk Jelly Cleanser

Detoxifying face mask – Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Moisturizing face mask – Moisturizing Moon Mask

Soothing Face Mist

mermaid wishing clinique

From Clinique I use:

Acne Solutions 3 Step – Cleansing Foam, Clarifying Lotion, All Over Clearing Treatment

Moisture Surge –  Extended Thirst Relief

Clinical Clearing Gel

Make up remover – Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (not pictured, I forgot to invite it to the photoshoot apparently whoops)

mermaid wishing clinique glossier

This is the order I use them in:

Night – 

If I have makeup on I start off with the Clinique Rinse-off Foam Cleanser (if I don’t wear makeup, I skip this step).

Clinique Cleansing Foam (Step 1 in the 3 step Acne Solution pack)

Clinique Clarifying Lotion (Step 2 in the 3 step Acne Solution pack); ironically this isn’t lotion at all, it’s a liquid toner that I use with a cotton ball

Glossier Soothing Face Mist (let this air dry for a second)

Clinique All Over Clearing Treatment (Step 3 in the 3 step Acne Solution pack)

*if I have recent blemishes, I dab on a dot of Clinical Clearing Gel. This stuff is made of magic and you will wake up with spots 85% gone.

*If my face needs moisture, I finish off with the Clinique Moisture Surge, especially during colder days.

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector – dab on a dot on needed spots


Mornings – 

Clinique Cleansing Foam (Step 1 in the 3 step Acne Solution pack)

Glossier Soothing Face Mist (let this air dry for a second)

Clinique Moisture Surge

Then I just do my usual makeup


Fridays after a long week of work (aka once a week) –

If I have makeup on I start off with the Clinique Rinse-off Foam Cleanser (if I don’t wear makeup, I skip this step).

Glossier Detoxifying face mask – Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Glossier Moisturizing face mask – Moisturizing Moon Mask

Glossier Soothing Face Mist

Clinique Moisture Surge –  Extended Thirst Relief


Hopefully this helps at least 1 other individual out there. I know it’s stressful feeling like you don’t have pleasant skin, and I know it causes emotional break downs. Trust me, I’ve been there. At the end of the day, I think we need to realize that skin isn’t worth stressing over, there are bigger things in life. I think that helped me calm down my breakouts brought on by stress, along with an organized skincare routine and lots of water.

For 20% off your first purchase of Glossier products, feel free to use this link here.

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Fall Slow

mermaid wishing style

mermaid wishing style

mermaid wishing style

mermaid wishing style mermaid wishing style mermaid wishing style mermaid wishing style

Fall in Charlotte, NC has become a funny thing. On Thanksgiving Day, it was a full 75 degrees, which is insane. I want to wear endless layers and big coats, which is okay before 8 a.m. but around noon, everyone in this city starts doing a little awkward stripping dance trying to be accepted by the warmer days.

To fix this awkward weather dilemma, I started wearing more loose soft fabrics, and top it off with a not-too-thick coat.

Bottoms – Vintage Jones New York | Oversized Boyshirt – Madewell | Black Blazer Coat – similar here | Black Leather Boots – similar here

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