Real Casual, Fureal.

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denim – Vintage Calvin Kelin | white tee – Two Son | black leather mules – Gucci evelyngreenville-20 evelyngreenville-16

Worn in soft denim, a slightly oversized white tee, and Gucci mules. Not really what you were expecting? Neither was I. As I grow older, and can invest in finer quality items, I realized that I don’t have to wear finer things from head to toe. That’s the beauty of it, taking a kangaroo fur lined black leather Gucci mule, and pairing it with the basics of casualty (it could also be me trying to justify the price). A bright patterned dress over a plain tee and mules seems like something else I look forward to trying! I believe that if you can wear something on a Friday night, and a Monday morning, it is worth the investment.

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5 O’Clock

hendricksgin-10 hendricksgin-11

We all need Fridays to come quick and stay longer, especially the 5 O’Clock Friday feeling. So, let’s drink to that!

Ingredients for a single cocktail:

2 oz of gin (a little over a shot)

half a lime

a splash of simple syrup (based on liking)

2 cucumber slices

1 blackberry

mint leaves

4 oz of sparkling water






Add some ice

Add lime juice, gin, sparkling water, and top it off with simple syrup

After all the liquids have been aded and mixed, finish off with blackberries, cucumbers, and mint leaves for garnish.



(as seen on Local Eclectic)

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wishlistGetting organized once again, on what I want to be investing in. Here’s to hoping I stick to the plan of not purchasing out of my wishlist until they are all crossed off!

Suede Mini Bucket Bag (Royal) –

Generation G Lipstick (Jam or Crush) –

Squared toe Pump (Verde or Rustic) –

Princetown Leather Slipper (black leather) –

Ganni Biker Jacket – had to find a replacement since they sold out in my size *cries* but I have a stellar leather jacket now!

Gold Knot Ring –

Side note: 3 of these items are sold out at the moment, so I’m kind of hoping I find them elsewhere or they are restocked while in the process of crossing them off my list! *sigh*

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By the Sea

Don’t be surprised when I tell you this, but, I love the sea (MERMAID Wishing). There’s just something about the juxtaposition of calm neutral colors against clashing waves of power. El Matador State Beach is located perfectly off the Pacific Coast Highway a little past Malibu. We woke up at 6:30 a.m., while in LA, and drove up the coast for about an hour, before arriving to the beach. It was such a cliche movie scene, while we drove side by side to a vintage red convertible on Highway 1 as the sun was rising. It’s moments like that, that make me indescribably happy about visiting new places.

untitled-15 untitled-9

untitled-25 untitled-30 untitled-31untitled-20 

Oversized Top, used as dress – Anthropologie | Yellow Slides – Marais | Copper toned bangle – Madewell

all images by @Brollish

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Taking on Los Angeles

It's been exactly a week today, that I returned from LA. It's been a very odd week of trying to snap myself out of vacation mood. Is this called jet lag? Can jet lag last a week? If so, I (HELLA) have it!
Growing up in LA makes the returning visit a bittersweet one. I just always feel very 'in-place'. Or maybe it's not jet lag, but a slight off mood of missing the comfort of an old home? Or maybe I just miss In-N-Out? (PROBS!)
Whatever the situation might be, it was so much fun to have returned, even if it was a short return. The images are in no particular order, mainly because it was nonstop activities from the second we landed in LAX! Not all of the moments were permanently captured into a memory disk, but they were memorable moments nonetheless. I mentioned in my last travel post that I wanted to help others traveling easily have an access to some sort of list of places to visit, so here I am doing that once again! I spent want too many hours scrolling through suggestions, so here are the things I checked out and loved:

American Rag
The Row
Sunset Pacific Motel
Venice Beach *
Civil Coffee
The Observatory *
The Broad *
The Huntington Library *
Blue Bottle Coffee *
The LINE Hotel Commissary
Mohawk General Store
Individual Medley
Ten Over Six
Rose Bowl Flea Market
Paul Smith (Pink Wall)
Matador State Beach
(* = images in post)

I'm probably missing a few places, but this should be a good list to get you started if you happen yourself looking at LA as your next place to visit!

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