Charlotte’s Curated Gathering


A couple nights ago, I attended a special event full of creatives. I’ve always been quick to think of La, NYC, San Francisco, etc. etc. as creative leading cities, but it made me realize that Charlotte is just as of a lead in that list.

First of all, I need to announce that my name is EVELYN, since apparently no one knows my name by reading my blog so I’m just known as Mermaid Wishing… whoops!

Secondly, I never knew so many talented people lived in this city! This intimate gathering was an eye opener to the potential Charlotte has, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I met some incredible people! Kathryn Godwin (@studiocultivate) who was the lead in bringing the event into a visual perfection, Alexis (@alexis_deaton) made stellar calligraphy name tags (mine included EVELYN– since that’s my name), Adair (@eadair) was great getting to know with all the insight on her hard work put into Vestique2 lovely new pals from Suarez Bakery (@suarezbakery).

From the great outcome of this first gathering, I’m going to assume there will be many more to come and I will be just as excited when Courtney (@charlotte_lately) lets me know about new set dates!



Delicious food provided by Reid’s.CharlotteGathering-6 CharlotteGathering-5

CharlotteGathering-3 CharlotteGathering-4 CharlotteGathering CharlotteGathering-8

images: Branden Ollish (@brollish)

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Coat me in Spring


Have you ever waited for something that you’ve been wanting dearly, and then you finally get it and it’s not exactly what you were expecting? Yeah, well I’m talking about Spring. Charlotte, NC started off Spring with very moody temperatures. One day it’s full on 78 degrees and others it’s at high 40s. Why mother nature, WHY?! I took it as a sign to layer in thick sweaters and long trench coats one last time (and another, and another, and another — according to



Denim – thrifted Levis | Textured Loafers – H&M | Hexcomb Texture Sweater – Madewell (on sale now!) | Black Leather handbag – Coach | Long Trench – Abercrombie and Fitch | Black Leather Metro Watch – Kate Spade

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Mexico’s Sun


For nine straight days, I felt the warmth on my skin of my home country and I couldn’t be happier (and more golden) about it. Spring is among us, and Mexico let me get a little taste of the things I could wear once it gets warmer in the states! Taking a break from all the rush and enjoying 9 days of secluded land was much needed in order to keep my mind happy. I actually waited last minute to pack for this trip and decided to stop by Madewell the day before my flight, per usual. Somehow I managed to pick out pieces in 15 minutes and they made up the majority of my outfits. Light weight free-flowing fabric is what I look for when deciding what items to pack to Mexico since it can get fairly humid. I can’t wait to wear this top here in the U.S. paired up with a pair of skinny dark or white denim.





Chambray Strip Shirt: Madewell | Tort Sunglasses: Madewell | Kanken Backpack: Fjallraven | Suede Sandals: Birkenstock | Gold Finish Digital Watch: Casio | Calvin Klein high-waisted shorts: thrifted jeans cut into shorts | Initial Pendant: Kate Spade

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Beige Life

The Cotton Box Cut T - Everlane | Striped Pencil Jeans - Fossil (sold out online) | Black leather single strap sandals - Bare Traps (Thrifted) | Mini brown faux leather shoulder bag - F21
I've been waiting for Spring time to finally arrive so I could wear my new pair of Fossil denim. Everlane makes my absolute favorite T's so it's no surprise with the pairing there. I've never owned a pair or white bottoms so it was a huge jump for me to get my booty (literally) into white navy blue striped ones. Investing in these babies would be like Scottie P. would say, "NO RAGRETS!"
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That’s Darling

"Darling is the art of being a woman. Darling magazine holds the modern mold of woman up to the fire to evoke a discussion on femininity and re-shape an authentic design. Darling is a catalyst for positive change; leading women to discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity, and womanhood without degradation.
Darling leads women to practice the arts of virtue, wit, modesty, and wisdom- all the while creating beauty and embodying love. Darling says women are not only interesting, but original, not only good enough, but exceptional- not just here, but here for a purpose."
-Darling's mission statement found on the back of every issue.

I've been obsessing over every issue of Darling so far, currently on issue number 11. It's not your typical "women" magazine, you know the really sexist ones that have "50 ways to please your man in bed" on the cover. Women are more than that and it's about time something was created to showcase our powerful creativity and influence in lifestyles. If there's something that you need to have for inspiration and to make you feel deserving of positive self esteem, it's Darling.

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